Microsoft’s New Security Update Guides Get Mixed Reviews

Microsoft is receiving mixed reviews for its shift to delivering security update information via its newly launched Security Update Guides.

The change was official in April, with Microsoft explaining it would allow system administrators to effectively pair specific patches with vulnerabilities, and that the introduction of API support would help customers automate some aspects of patching.

After this week’s release of patches, however, the jury is still out when it comes to liking or loathing the new format. For starters, some critics argue it takes longer to parse the data delivered via Security Update Guides.

“I typically spend two to three hours to read through and determine what updates need to go to our systems, document, etc. I spent a solid eight hours trying to make sense of everything today and get it organized, and I’m not close to being finished,” wrote a Tech Net community member on a forum where Microsoft is soliciting feedback on the new format. Other gripes include broken third-party patching tools reliant on the way Microsoft’s old security bulletins presented data, and Security Update Guide glitches that make using the tool more difficult.

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