Keith Rayle brings over 20 years of governance and operational security experience to DoctorChaos and DrChaos.

Keith’s leadership will ensure this site stays on track providing free, open-source leadership, opinions, and ideas in the world of cyber and infosec. Keith is volunteering his time to help ensure the content on this site is useful, digestible, and professional.


Keith Rayle (P. A. Serenity)


Currently @ World Wide Technology

Keith Rayle

Over 20 years of governance and operational security experience. Executive level security consulting, to include program creation and management. Have provided board level reporting, security strategy creation and implementation, and global business unit security integration. Acted as CISO for large corporations and created security programs at the services layer. Led large multi-project teams at a program level, with oversight of multiple simultaneous and complex implementations of technical security projects. Designed and implemented most aspects of corporate security programs. Assisted large organizations in defining CISO responsibilities and requirements in order to provide alignment of security programs to business operations.

Consulting experience includes direct sales support, customer requirements definition, creation of contracts, and delivery of services to include large multi-project/multi-year programs. He has provided executive advisory services in a variety of industries, to include retail, aerospace engineering, national/international banking, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and transportation, federal/state organizations, and others. His wide range of regulatory experience includes PCI, SOX, FFIEC/FIDC, HIPAA, NERC CIP, and his framework knowledge extends to ISO/IEC 27001/27001, NIST, FISMA, OCTAVE and others.

Program level services for customers, including advisement to Fortune 100 executives (CIO and CISO), creation of corporate security programs and strategies, risk program operational definitions and implementation, and delivery of security/privacy framework implementations. Provided all aspects of creating and implementing multi-project technical programs, from requirements gathering to shifting systems into operational SDLC maintenance cycles. Assisted customers in defining technical and non-technical needs, creating roadmaps for remediation, implementing solutions, and auditing results. Created large risk management frameworks for global enterprises, to include complex operations such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

Various security related stuff throughout a 21 year military career that included, at various times: nuclear weapons technician, threat officer, OH-58/AH-1/UH-60 helicopter pilot and MTP. Owned a martial arts studio (Shaolin Chi’en Fa), also studied Karate, Tae Kwon Do, a few others (lightly).

Mr. Rayle regularly presents at summits and industry trade shows, which, unfortunately, fuels his bad habit of talking too much.